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汽车技术 is a career path where students learn how to diagnose and repair vehicle issues. This program emphasizes a combination of automotive mechanical theory and hands-on learning. Graduates will come away with the skills needed for entry-level technician positions.

航空技术 Especially with Hartsfield-Jackson airport less than 100 miles away and major employers connected to the industry in the Greater Columbus area, 航空技术是一个值得考虑的热门行业. This field offers courses to teach skills for aircraft assembly, 结构维护, 和技术. 学生 interested in this field should consider the many manufacturing-related programs offered at Columbus 科技.

注册工程师助理 该项目提供核心工程技术培训, including drafting and designing complex mathematical calculations. Columbus 科技’s drafting technology program is the perfect jumping-off point for this option. CTC also offers an Engineering 科技nology degree for those who want to take their education further.

驾驶商用卡车 While Columbus 科技 doesn’t have this program (yet), there are still ways to start on this road. Through the diesel truck maintenance technician certificate program or the diesel equipment technology diploma, students can learn the ins and outs of a big rig before getting behind the wheel of one.

计算机编程 Computer programmers are among the most sought-after workers in today’s information-driven economy. These individuals can focus on many specialties including game development, 计算机安全, Microsoft®网络管理员, 还有更多.  

计算机技术 Computer technology gives students the necessary knowledge to jumpstart a career in information technology – one of the fastest-growing fields out there. Some programs in this field include computer forensic and investigation, 网络安全, 思科®网络, 信息技术专业, 计算机网络.

施工技术 The construction industry in Georgia has been steadily growing since the recession. Graduates of this program will be armed with the skills needed to work on private, 公共, 商业建设项目. 除了建筑和木工项目, this field also includes air conditioning technology and industrial electronic technology and wiring.

柴油设备技术 这个项目强调卡车的组合, 重型设备, 海洋系统, 或应急发电机维修理论及应用. Columbus 科技 students in the automotive technology program learn the basics of working on diesel engines

幼儿保育和教育 What could be more rewarding then helping mold the life of a child? This field combines the theory and practical applications needed to qualify graduates for a career in settings that include child care centers and Head Start. Certifications at Columbus 科技 include early childhood care and education basics and program administration. There is also a diploma in early childhood care and education.

电工技术 While 网上赌博软件 doesn’t offer this particular career path, 我们的许多姊妹技术学院都有. We do offer several electrical and industrial maintenance programs, as well as an engineering technology degree option that focuses on either mechanical or industrial engineering.

健康科学 This offering at 网上赌博软件 includes several healthcare-related fields of study including emergency medical responder and technician, 保健助理, 乳房x光检查, 医疗编码, 药房协助, 牙科协助, 外科手术技术, 还有更多!

工业维修 This is the perfect career for those interested in tinkering with and maintaining machinery, 生产, 和制造业. Some certificates offered at CTC include industrial construction, 电工, 流体动力技术员, 电机控制技术员, 可编程控制技术员. There is also the industrial systems technology diploma program. Any of these programs would help students who chose to continue their career in mechanical or industrial engineering.

物流/运输技术 It’s no secret that Georgia is a transportation hub in both the Southeast and across the world. 在线赌博在这个领域提供了几个项目, including all of our automotive technology offerings as well as a diploma in business management that could apply to virtually any industry.

电影制作布景设计 乔治亚州的电视和电影产业正在蓬勃发展! 作为对这一经济驱动力的回应, technical colleges are offering several tuition-free programs to beef up this vital workforce. 我们建筑中的学生, 组阁, 电工, 空调, and/or welding fields would be perfect to build those complex sets.

实际的护理 This diploma program prepares students for licensure as practical nurses. Columbus 科技 also offers a bridge program where students can seamlessly transition from this program to our registered nursing degree program.

精密制造 This HOPE职业补助金 career path prepares students for entry-level employment in a manufacturing environment or for continuing their education in the manufacturing or engineering areas. Academic programs offered at Columbus 科技 include basic machinist, 工业电机控制技术员, 制造运营专员, 可编程控制技术员, 数控技术, 并拥有精密机械加工制造文凭.

焊接与连接技术 学生 in Columbus 科技’s welding program regularly are offered employment before they even graduate! This program emphasizes welding theory and the practical applications. 此外还有同名的文凭, this path includes certifications in shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding.